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As far as it is known you can vote as many times as you like, but do not use any type of auto-clicker. Go here and read over the rules and if you can, download the app voting is so much faster.

For the spanish, latin fans, etc. you don’t need to change your IP, if the “Best US Act” category doesn’t appear, just change the language in your phone to english.



Anonymous asked:

Hey my wifi wasn't working and I've been a little behind with the girls! Can you please tell me what's new? Thanks 😉

fifthtomatoes answered:

uhmm well they’ve performed them girls be like live for the first time, they were on 106 and park, they’re gonna be on faking it, gonna go to brazil in a few days. lauren sang a longer version of american, they were featured in the glamaholic magazine aka new photoshoot pictures. lohanthony met them at one of their concerts.  ally baked for the girls.

and the rest you have to go to 5hontour’s twitter to find out bc they’re the update account (:

For all you people out there that ain’t updated like me :)